BTE, ITE & ITC Hearing Aids

Hearing aid styles can be classified into three main types; Behind-The-Ear (BTE), In-tThe-Ear (ITE) and In-The-Canal (ITC). Please click on an option below for further information.

This style places the hearing aid behind the ear with a connected tube and mould placed into the ear. The popularity of this style has increased with the evolution in design to what’s known as an open fit, receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid. This design connects the hearing instrument into the ear via a slim tube with the hearing aid itself located completely behind the ear minimising visibility. Not only is this solution aesthetically pleasing, and very comfortable to wear, but also provides a naturally sounding listening experience, due to the fact that low-frequency signals are allowed to freely pass back out of the ear canal. Although this solution isn’t suitable for every type of hearing loss it is appropriate for most hearing aid users.

These devices sit securely in the ear without the need for moulds and tubes to connect the hearing aid. The electronic components are encased in a plastic shell. In most instances it’s necessary to take an impression of the ear so that a custom-made device can be manufactured to perfectly fit the ear.

These devices are the smallest of all and are placed further into the ear canal. It is often described as invisible hearing aids. This type of invisible hearing aids are suitable for individuals with a mild or moderate hearing loss. The very small size can sometimes limit the available power output and battery life.

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